Brian O'Connor is one half of the digital marketing and brand strategy firm, Brunch Money. Formerly, he was the Director of Editorial Innovation for Student Loan Hero (now a part of LendingTree) and the Audience Development Director at Morgan Stanley, where he oversaw the financial services firm's digital strategy for audience growth and social media. Brian is also a former Deputy Web Editor for Foreign Affairs and U.S. Politics book editor for Palgrave Macmillan.

Through Brunch Money, Brian has also worked on SEO, digital marketing, and digital strategy projects for several media and consumer product companies including Legg Mason, The Deal, Jurdu, Bitsy's Brainfood,  Time Inc.'s The Foundry, Five Boroughs Brewing Co., Owl's Brew, the Endurance Collective, and others.

Brian has written for Foreign Affairs, New Republic, The Awl, Fundera, Bustle, and Paste Magazine. He is one half of Brunch Money, a digital consulting shop he founded with Meredith Turits. In his spare time, you can find him homebrewing or playing with his half-pitbull, half-French Bulldog rescue named Avery.