My Portfolio

A sample of my digital marketing and audience development work, as well as a selection of media clips

Audience Development

Morgan Stanley's Eagles for Impact Challenge

Morgan Stanley is a proud sponsor of The PLAYERS Championship, an annual PGA Tour golf championship held in Jacksonville, FL. As part of Morgan Stanley's connection to the PLAYERS, the firm established the Eagles for Impact Challenge, which donates money to a selected charity for every eagle made during tournament play.

I was tasked with developing SEO tactics and a marketing strategy for the Eagles for Impact Challenge, which included live coverage of the tournament on social media, on-the-fly asset creation in Photoshop, and social reciprocity activities with celebrity attendees.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Five Boroughs Brewing Co. Launch

    Five Boroughs Brewing Co. is a brewery based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Brunch Money was responsible for creating a go-to-market strategy for the brewery that exemplified its desire to become a brewery for all New Yorkers, replete with taproom events and other activities throughout New York City.

    We helped draft all on-site web copy for Five Boroughs, prepare slogans and phrases for glassware and brand collateral, run media operations, and oversee the brewery's social media presence before, during, and after launch. Our digital marketing strategy helped Five Boroughs land clips on the PIX11 evening news, New York Magazine, Hop Culture, AM New York, Brokelyn, and Gothamist, among other media outlets

  • Morgan Stanley Amazon Alexa Skill Landing Page

    Morgan Stanley sought to launch a series of skills fo Amazon Alexa in Spring 2018. I was tasked with creating a landing page that would serve as a central hub for information on the Alexa skills, encourage users to enable these skills, and to create compelling copy that pushed people toward our skill page on Amazon.

    I wrote all on-site copy, helped drive UX design, and provided SEO implementation throughout the Alexa landing page. I also helped manage the project's various tasks among several divisions within our group.

  • Selected Writing Clips

    I have written articles for Foreign Affairs, Time, The New Republic, and The Awl. I also ghostwrite on small business finance and fiscal policy for Fundera.

    Foreign Affairs - Nato's Next Move

      After serving as Norway’s prime minister from 2005 to 2013, Jens Stoltenberg took over as the 13th Secretary General of NATO this past March. As his tenure began, Russia was still fomenting unrest in Ukraine and the Islamic State (also called ISIS) was wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, a revolution in cyberwarfare and other emerging threats challenged the alliance and its partners. In other words, Stoltenberg’s plate was full from the start, but he has also pledged to modernize NATO and how it responds to threats. In April, he spoke with Foreign Affairs Deputy Web Editor Brian O’Connor in Washington.

    BBC - How Memes Got Broke Millennials Through the Recession

      When the world went into financial crisis, millennials left behind in the chaos found solace in the only place that understood them: the internet.

    Fundera - 21 Modern Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business (and Not Waste Money)

      One size doesn’t fit all for most things small business, and that’s the case with lead generation strategies, too. Even knowing that, though, many small business owners still struggle to determine which lead generation strategies work for their company, industry, or for business size.

    Fundera - What’s the Difference Between Savings Accounts vs. CDs?

      You should feel great if you’ve gotten your business to a point where you have enough income to start squirreling some away. So, next, you need to know where to put it—which means understanding questions like the difference between savings accounts vs. CDs.
      But the difference between savings accounts vs. CDs are pretty substantial. And that’s because the way that they each help you grow your money are pretty divergent. Choose the wrong one, and all of your valuable interest could go down the drain.

    Fundera - 4 Major Economic Changes Small Business Owners Can Prepare For

      Small business owners are among the first to feel shifts in the national economy. A slowdown in demand for your product, irregular payments from vendors, and higher prices for materials all eat into your cash flow—and quickly.

    Time Magazine - Trump and Brexit Are Only the Start

      The United States woke up to what nearly everyone—save for some of Trump's most ardent supporters—considered impossible. Progressives across the country are in dismay, wondering how pollsters could have possibly gotten their numbers so wrong. But as Brexit showed the world this summer, 2016’s brand of populism continues to defy not only logic but our conceptions about the progression of modern politics as we know it.

    New Republic - Is a Community Still a Community Without a Bookstore?

      The Bronx has never been known for having a bustling literary culture on par with Brooklyn, but we had, within our bookstore, a culture of our own. Our authors might not have been our neighbors, as they are throughout the community bookstores of Boerum Hill and Park Slope, but we still read their stories with vigor. We might not have had the luxury of bespoke reading lists curated by MFA-wielding staffers, but we always made sure to custom-order a title we could not stock. We strived to serve our community, if for no other reason than the acknowledgement that no one else would.

    The Awl - The Traffic King of Reddit

      Reddit’s anonymous userbase has the power to unleash wealth, fame, or ire within a moment’s notice. But for its top user, it’s a time waster in the form of a contest — one where the rules are made up, and the points don’t matter. Content, either new or old, becomes a car in an unending train on a spiral track, one that is propelled forward with no beginning, end, or destination.